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What is Perfion PIM?

Perfion PIM is one single source for all product information. No more disconnected systems and doubtful product data. As the world’s only 100% standard solution for Product Information Management, Perfion PIM gives you the foundation to optimize your business processes so you can reduce time-to-market, gain new markets and always provide the information your customers need.

Perfion’s open API makes it easy to integrate the solution with the IT systems you are using today – from your ERP solution to InDesign, webshops and your Office programs.

 Perfion PIM is developed for businesses with a need for multi-channel, multi-language communication and with a complex product structure and much product data. With Perfion you have one single source for all your texts, technical data, files, images, video, etc. Consequently, you will gain full control of all product data on every sales and marketing platform.

Perfion has a documented Return On Investment (ROI) of under 12 months.

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